Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bogus refugee forms sold at U.S. border

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

First of all, they are illegals hiding in the states,looking for the full white milky teats of Canada in which to suckle from.  These Shady Immigration Consultants, many who are from these immigrants former countries set up shop to prey on the desperate illegal aliens.  I say these Consultants once caught should be deported immediately, and if they are American citizens, then lock em up for 20 years.  As for the illegals who were scammed and were hiding in the USA , Hey dont let the departing gate door slam your ass up aircraft ramp!

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TORONTO - Unscrupulous immigration consultants at the U.S. border are preying on asylum seekers heading to Canada by selling them bogus application forms for use in making refugee claims, officials say.

Refugee groups in both countries are warning claimants that they are not required to purchase or bring application forms when they show up at border crossings to file a claim.

All documents are provided free by immigration officers and bear a Government of Canada logo, officers said.

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