Sunday, August 30, 2009

Body of boy found under family dog after house fire in Ontario

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Words cannot express what transpired in the small community of Fournier, Ontario following a house fire when a mother was ushering her  children out the door, only to have one of her children a 3 year old boy run back into the blazing inferno in a brave act to save the family dog, the mother immediately rushed into the inferno to save her child, only to be forced out by the flames.  Once the fire was extingushed, the 3-year old childs body was discovered lying under the family dog, one can only assume to protect the child from the smoke and flames.

Firefighters, many distraught and crying over the loss of this heroic toddler are seen in the photographs, as well as that of the father. A moment who all won't forget.

Many say a dog is Boy's Best Friend, and Dogs best friend is Man, certainly rings true in this case.

I wonder if both the dog and the child would be interred together, after all in life as in death, it would be a fitting tribute to two heroes and best friends.

What a tragedy,and my condolences go out to the families!

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OTTAWA — Residents of the tiny village of Fournier remained in shock Friday, trying to make sense of the death of a three-year-old boy who died in a house fire Thursday morning.

Firefighters found the body of Damien Desjardin-Seguin in a bedroom on the home's second level with the body of the family dog, Jada, on top of him.

Late Friday afternoon, officials told the media that Damien died of smoke inhalation. The Ontario Fire Marshal's office is investigating the cause of the fire.

Damien was home with his twin, Miguel, and his father's pregnant 16-year-old girlfriend, Alexandra Goyer, when fire broke out in their one-and-a-half-storey home about 80 kilometres east of Ottawa.

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