Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Rising in Britain

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
News which will upset many in all three countries where this Angus Reid Poll was conducted, but Canadians for instance clearly desire new comers to Canada to assimilate into Canadian society, along with contributing to Canada, displaying loyalty and Canadian values, something sorely missing in our society, not just with new comers but with Canadians as well.  The UK has experienced more than it's share of unrest with Flag burnings, protests and the like concerning many who deride British Society.
It will be an interesting new year to see how all of this plays out when UKs MPs and Lawmakers implement what many in Britian feel "It's time has come"!  Canada and the US may not be too far behind.
Like I have always said, When in Rome....................................................

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A three-country Angus Reid Strategies poll that sought to decipher views on specific aspects of immigration shows that Canadians may be divided on certain issues, but are clearly not as despondent as people in the United States. However, it was in the United Kingdom where most respondents were critical of immigration, legal and illegal.

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