Thursday, August 27, 2009

4 Ethiopian athletes missing in Scotland

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Those poor souls, 4 Ethiopian Athletes missing?  One wonders if they were kidnapped for their running and jumping prowess? Certainly a skill in great demand I asume in Scotland.  Lets hope a world wide manhunt will find them safe from harm, so Scottish officials can promptly put them on a plane to Ethiopia, cause I am sure they are homesick and eager to get home in time for dinner!

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4 Ethiopian athletes missing in Scotland Associated Press, 08.25.09, 04:35 PM EDT

FALKIRK, Scotland -- Two runners and two hurdlers from Ethiopia were reported missing Tuesday after leaving their hotel before a track and field meet in Scotland.

The four are Betelhem Shewatatek (women's 200 meters), Feleke Bekele (women's 400 hurdles), Hagos Tadesse (men's 400) and Tirehas Haileselassie (men's hurdles).

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