Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time to act on health-care reform: Obama

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Socialized Medicine in the Good Ole USA.  A subject bandied about for half a century by politicians of all parties, and all to no avail.  All promise to do something to appease the masses, all masses promise to vote for the politician who promises.

Here is a little Obama story.

A terminally ill man reaches the Pearly Gates, and is asked to  wait a minute while they check the "Lie Clock" .  The terminally ill man asks, what is a "Lie Clock"? Saint Peter explains, everyone has a  "Lie Clock", when someone tells a Lie, the clock's hand moves one second ahead!

Saint Peter states. "You have lied enough in your life for your clock to turn full circle.

Intrigued, the Terminally ill man asks, what does Mother Teresa's Lie Clock look like?  St. Peter explains, Mother Teresea never told a lie, so her Lie Clock is at 12 o'clock.

The man states, "what about Mandela"?  St. Peter states Mandelas Lie Clock has turned 15 minutes in Mandelas life.

Impressed, the Terminally Ill Man says, Where is Obama's Lie Clock?

Saint Peter replies, "Jesus is using Obama's Lie Clock as a Ceiling Fan!"

So there ya go USA Now Public Readers, if you think you will see Obama implemented Canadian Style socialised Health Care in your lifetime, then George W. Bush is Mother Teresea!

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Obama: TIme to Act on Health Reform.
Seeking Support; Spiralling costs battering families.
Jackie Frank, Reuters
Published; Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U. S. President Barack Obama yesterday said spiralling health-care costs are battering American families as he sought to bolster wavering public support for plans to revamp the US$2-trillion health-care industry.

Mr. Obama said now was the time for Congress to act, even as the chairman of the Republican National Committee condemned the White House plan, which would establish a new government-run health insurance option, as "a reckless experiment" and "socialism."

A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted last week and published yesterday found approval of Mr. Obama's handling of the issue fell to 49% from 57% in April, and disapproval rose to 44% from 29%.

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