Friday, July 03, 2009

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division clears Sanford


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South Carolina Law Enforcement Division clears Sanford (SLED) Clears Governor Sanford of missappropriating Satate Funds in Love Liasion

COLUMBIA — The state's top prosecutor and the director of the State Law Enforcement Division appeared Thursday to close off any possibility of a criminal investigation into the extramarital affair of Gov. Mark Sanford after a review of travel records showed no use of state funds on Sanford's trips to see his mistress.

The announcement buoyed some of Sanford's allies and appeared to stem the flow of calls for the governor's resignation that came Tuesday and Wednesday following new disclosures by the governor about “crossed lines” with other women and his view that his lover was his “soul mate.”

Reggie Lloyd, director of the State Law Enforcement Division, told reporters that after examining Sanford's personal records, his calendar, state travel records and interviewing the governor and others, SLED could find no violations in connection with his trips to meet his paramour.

“In terms of looking at it from a criminal standpoint, was there a criminal violation or misuse of public funds, we have found none, nor has anybody brought us any facts to suggest our findings are questionable or there should be another investigation,” Lloyd said.

State Attorney General Henry McMaster said he would review Lloyd's report next week but saw no reason to doubt its conclusions or objectivity.

“I will not duck or abuse my constitutional responsibilities merely to satisfy those who seek a politically motivated fishing expedition,” he said in a statement.

Sanford's office said the governor has no plans to step aside.

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