Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sooke man pleads guilty to sex act with horse

Barry Artiste

Knowing the British Columbia's Lientient and useless Court System, whereby courts weaning the drug addicted with free needles and less powerful drugs, this Judge hands down a one year probation sentence and states rehabilitation is the answer for this sicko. Rehabilitation you say??  I can only surmise rehabilitation means Weaning off this Sicko from his habit of banging Horsies up the bum. Perhaps the Judge will wean him off  Hories by allowing him to have sex with sheep, and slowing rehabilitate him to Guinea pigs wrapped in duct tape, duct tape so they (Guinea Pigs) don't explode in his hands. Only in BC, the Bestest Place to Live on Earth, especially for Back Door Horsie Bandits.

A Sooke man has pleaded guilty to bestiality for an offence linked to a horse.

Bruce Earl Gilbert appeared in Western Communities Courthouse this week and received a year of probation.

“The allegation itself related to an incident allegedly involving a horse,” said Crown spokesman Neil MacKenzie.

“I think the court probably focussed on the issue of rehabilitation as being the most important part of the sentencing.”

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