Monday, July 13, 2009

President Obama gets cheeky

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Obama along with President Sarkozy get photographed being momentarily distracted by a comely teenager makes headlines at the G8 Summit, and the world makes a mountain out of a molehill.  One wonders if it was not a set up by photographers to see what two world leaders reactions would be when a pretty teen walked in front of them. Well Duh! That is a given, they would take a gander.  Whether it is World Leaders, a Group of Guys at a Bar or men at a Construction site, lets face it We're Guys, we are going to look!  Nothing wrong with that!  Of course, their wives may take a different view.  But then they are in Italy, so what do you expect?

Guys will be Guys, regardless of their status.

The good news is that President Barack Obama is a real live red-blooded all-American man, and I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have that kind of guy running the most powerful nation in the world than some moribund frozen-pulse old fart (can you say the Bush boys?) leading the free world.

The bad news is that the commander-in-chief's sidelong and noticeably appreciative glance at the comely derriere of a Brazilian teenager, captured by photographers Thursday and currently burning up the Internet, is making more headlines than the work that he and the rest of the G8 leaders are trying to accomplish on the global economic front in L'Aquila, Italy, this week.

The photo shows curly-haired 16-year-old G8 delegate Mayora Tavares, in a flowing knee-length sleeveless burgundy dress, walking away from Obama, who is heading down some stairs when Tavares's, um, charms clearly catch his eye.

He's in good company, mind you.

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