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'Crime of honour' arrests

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Again the question of Assimilation will be raised.  Another example of many when new immigrants to this country bring the old ways into Canadian Society, as well as Canadian officials who again it seems do not ask the right questions of new immigrants, such as Canadians have the Rights and Freedoms in that all are equal.  Certainly something that has fallen on deaf ears of this trio from Afghanistan.
This trio of accused murderers certainly show their cultural customs of practicing the Old Ways trump Canadas' laws when it comes to preserving the Canadian way of life, when we espouse Multiculturalism.  Racist attitudes, marriage of convienience, murder and deciet seem to be a way of life and the staus quo for this trio. One can sure when even before the trial begins, the same racist attitudes and deciet practiced by this trio, will be used as a ploy by they and their lawyers who will whine,"These three people are innocent", you Canadians are only picking of them because they are from Afhganistan!   My response is Yes, we are picking on them, Why? Because when it comes to Honour, there is no Honour in Snuffing out the Lives of your own Flesh and Blood because you feel inconvienced by their attitudes of trying to live and thrive in Canada versus the brutality of living in the past in your native Afghanistan.

One may remember a couple of years ago, a small Quebec town with a small town councillor Andre Drouin hit the world media stage and was mocked by both Self Serving Politicians  and an unclued public, when all they requested was before New Canadians hit our shores, they should read about our laws and customs, abide by Canadian Laws and Customs and get our Government to apprise these Newcomers what Canada is all about, join us as Canadians, but do not try to change us or insist we accomodate your customs at every Taxpayer expense.  If our laws and customs offend the newcomers, then perhaps they should consider another country to immigrate to.  Other Countries in Europe do this, why not us?

Needless to say  this small Quebec town Herouxville suffered the slings and arrows of ridicule by many in the media, self serving politicians who rely on the Immigrant vote for political gain, and citizens who still feel blinded by the mantra of Multiculturalism and Diversity is great.

Some in the media started reporting Honour Killings and other criminal customary activities, unacceptable in Canada, but allowed openly in their Country.   Little by little people who once ridiculed a small town and its councillor, started to open their eyes a little,though they still want multiculturalism, they became aware, not all is as "Groovy" as Self Serving Politicians led Canadians to Believe, especially when Racism is openly practised by Immigrants of these Old Customs, contrary to our Canadian Customs.  So you ask yourself, which Custom should trump, Canadian Customs or Theirs?    

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Crime of Honour Arrests

Cops say Family conspired in girls' deaths
By Rob Tripp, SunMedia
July 24, 2009

KINGSTON -- A Montreal businessman charged with killing four members of his family conspired with his second wife and his oldest son to commit mass murder in a bid to restore his honour, relatives of one of the victims have told Sun Media.

The family members allege Mohammed Shafi had beaten his 19-year-old daughter Zainab and threatened recently to kill her and the woman he had passed off as his cousin.

She was his first wife, though he had concealed that fact since the family of three adults, all natives of Afghanistan, and seven children moved to Canada two years ago and settled in Montreal.

"We are convinced that this is a crime of honour, organized under the guidance of Mr. Shafi, his wife Tooba and their oldest son Hamed," Diba Masoomi wrote in an e-mail sent to Kingston Police more than two weeks ago.

Mohammed Shafi, 56, his wife Tooba, 39, and their son Hamed, 18, are each charged with four counts of first-degree murder and four counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

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