Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mexican lesbians claim refugee status

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
A new twist to an old Visa scam, Hey, Lets say we are gay! Surely Canadian Refugee Board will swallow that one! Since Canada recognizes Mexico as a democratic Country, though a real bad democracy, it makes one wonder if these two ladies, no doubt coached by their immigration lawyer have found a loophole in getting into Canada. Anyone who has visited Mexico,  knows Homosexuality is not a major concern in this Catholic dominated country, it pretty much elicts stares, and that is it.  Many homosexuals from Canada visits some of Mexicos pristine waters and exclusive resorts with no problems.  To me this smells of a scam, and to be sure Canada Immigration have seen them all to be sure.

Two lesbian lovers who slipped into Canada before visas were imposed on Mexico have claimed refugee status in Toronto alleging they'll be raped or killed if sent back home.

Norma Angelica Gomez, 33, and Alina Gallegos Lee, 34, say their dream is to get married in Toronto and be happy.

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