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Immigration cutbacks essential

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

National Post's Diane Francis pretty much says what many are thinking, but few will admit to it publicly, as she says, does it make sense for a company to hire more people in the front door, when your laid off employees are walking out the back door?

Political correctness prevents many politicians saying like it is, as the party line is more immigrants equates to more votes. Votes to keep Political parties in power, and power of lobbies and special interest groups who make pretty sweet coin off the backs of third world immigrants who can ill afford to pay either except the promise and hope they will vote for whichever party allowed them to become unemployed in a richer country than a poor country.   Immigration Scams are big business, British Columbia being the largest anywhere in the World no doubt, with Boiler Room Universities running out of tiny offices, offering little in the way of education, more like Visas for Cash, and an opportunity for immigrants to get student visas for a little ESL schooling, many could have gotten in their own country without coming to ours. 

Media have reported these scams in the past with Immigration Consultants or Boiler Room Universities and Colleges with dubious track records resulting in little in the way of repercussions or punishment given to immigration consultants or so called ESL teachers who coach immigrants to convey the same broken record to Federal Immigration officers.

Like to story states one scam, in a remote town up north, a classified ad looking for 11 Cantonese Chefs, on the premise of knowing no one would either move up north, and knowing full well there is unlikely to be any walking the small town, chef hat and wok in hand.  Federal rules state, you must hire locally first before you can hire outside our country.  Dollars to donuts, this scam family have 11 family members back in China who they want to bring over.  I my have been born............just not yesterday!  Enuff Said!

Time to care for our own, we have close to a million homeless and unemployed, does it make sense to bring in more from whereabouts unknown?  Of course not, Canada and Canadians needs to recover financially, get back to the good times and build a nest egg for the bad times, but until then, we can ill afford to care for others.

Immigration cutbacks essential
Posted: July 03, 2009, 8:39 AM
by Diane Francis

Canadian Politics, U.S. Politics, dysfunction, economy It’s the issue that dares not speak its name, but the time has come to consider curbing immigration during this emergency period, except to fill skilled trades vacancies.

Canada hosts more immigrants and refugees per capita than any other developed country, but as unemployment will continue to climb and as many workers need retraining, it’s time to cut back on the number of newcomers Canada admits. Immigration is politically incorrect to question, much less criticize.

This is because of many myths and also because the immigration lobby is embedded in all parties and provinces. The lobby includes the politicians, lawyers, consultants and special interest groups that make hay off the flow of people into the country.

 But setting aside politics, just ask yourself: would a company keep hiring workers and increasing overheads if it had to lay off people?

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