Sunday, July 26, 2009

Immigrants take brunt of recession, recover less quickly

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Here is a shocker for ya, especially in Multicultural and Diversity Vangroovy and all their Chicken Chested thumping about being so Progressive to Immigrants.

For one, if you do not speak English, it is the immigrants fault for coming to Canada in the first place.

Two, Assimilation, Assimilation, Assimilation! Though Vangroovys twisted view on Assimilation is more verbose, such as buzzwords like Corporate Fit, meaning you the immigrants are just not hip, laid back and groovy enough!  If the woman is an HR professional and she sees a Turban, automatically she thinks Old World Values, where is a women is classed as a second class citizen, hence the Female Human Resources Manager, may think twice bringing a Male with ill precieved perceptions of someone who views woman as inferior, regardless if you are a moderate sikh, especially a 50 year old Sikh who may have these Male Female roles down pat from his upbringing. 

Number 3, Vangroovians want Immigrants to have some sort of Volunteer Time to put on thier resume.

Volunteer Time? Give your friggin head a shake, who has time to give FREE VOLUNTEER TIME when you are too busy trying to find work to feed your family?

And last but not least Number 4.  Age Discrimination, regardless if you are a Phd Immigrant or a Lily White Canadian, Vancouver is rife with AGE Discrimination,  Vangroovians desire the under 30 crowd, with 40 years experience. Insane? yes!  I have seen it many times, the man in this story is 50 years old and an immigrant, if he were 30 years old with the skills and spoke english, they would snap him up instantly.  Even East Indians won't hire him, cause in their view he is OLD!!!

There you have it in a Nutshell , Welcome to Canada Skilled Immigrants, Canada may welcome you, but employers won't if you are approaching 40 years old.  Sucks I know, but that is North America, who toss away experience for Grooviness potential.  Style over Substance, Vangroovy Style!

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Immigrants take brunt of recession, recover less quickly
 Past recessions show immigrants have greater difficulty re-entering the labour force even after the economy rebounds

Tavia Grant and Jennifer Yang Globe and Mail
Update Last updated on Saturday, Jul. 25, 2009 01:47PM EDT

 Bhagwan Lobana knows too well how harsh the labour market is.

Last April, after nearly two years in Canada, the 50-year-old Punjabi finally found a job that he was proud of. Mr. Lobana, an experienced chemist who graduated top of his masters' class in 1982, was hired at Acuren, a materials-testing and engineering company. But in November, he was laid off when business slowed because of the recession.

“I was very upset,” Mr. Lobana said. “I could not continue because of the recession. So my dreams are pending.”

Mr. Lobana has since applied for more than 30 jobs with no success, and recently found temp work operating a forklift.

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