Thursday, July 16, 2009

Editorial: The right move on visas

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Some say they wish it were not necessary, but in my Opinion, why are they not claiming Refugee Status at our Embassy/Consulate door when they apply for a Visa in their own Country?  What makes them change their mind from a Tourist Visa to a Refugee Claim?   As far as I am concerned they (Refugees are entering Canada under False Pretenses) when they all of a sudden flush their passports down a aircraft toilet mid flight so they can claim amnesia and not produce documentation etc.  It happens all the time.  When people such as Romas who have all of Europe to immigrate to or Mexican citizens who take advantage of Canadas good nature, it is time for Canada to say "Hey we were not born yesterday!  Time to care for our own citizens first before opening the floodgate to economic refugees.  Ever notice the groups who oppose these Visa restrictions?  They are immigration lawyers and consultants whose bread and butter business are so called refugees!

Scammers all of them.  Leave Canada open for the truly oppressed and needy, not for the opportune and greedy!

The Right Move On Visas

National Post

Published: Thursday, July 16, 2009

We wish it weren't necessary to require a visa of all Czech visitors to Canada. Even while groaning for decades under Soviet oppression, the Czechs remained among the most cultured of Europeans. The Czech Republic and its earlier incarnations have produced great composers (Dvorak and Smetana), great writers (Kafka and Kundera), hockey players (Jagr and Hasek) and tennis stars (Navratilova and Lendl), and more than their share of good pilsners, too. But what else was our Immigration department to do?

Since lifting an earlier visa requirement in 2007, refugee claimants have begun flooding in from the Czech Republic. Where there were just five in 2006, in the first four months of 2009, alone, there have been close to 3,000. Since nearly 90% of their applications will ultimately be rejected, these claimants are a huge burden on both our refugee determination system and our social programs.

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