Saturday, July 18, 2009

Canada's Too Open Door Policy on Immigration Scams

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Many may disagree with this story, but you cannot dispute the fact Canada is played for a sucker by those (Illegal Immigrants and Immigration Lawyers and Consultants) who know how to play the game and tug at the heartstrings and Wallets of Canadians when trying to scam their way into Canada, by hook and by crook.  Perhaps it is time to replace these Immigration and Refugee Board officers with lie detector tests for all Immigrants who claim refugee status once they hit our shores. Funny though they do not claim refugee status when they visit our embassy in their home country.  It is also funny they can afford a plane ticket to boot. Canada should look for Countries where Refugees are in true dire straits and should be taken in if they are in countries who human rights abuses so horrific,they deserve a better life, failure to do so, allows the moderately well off immigrants (in democratic countries ) who scam the visa and immigration system meant for the true Refugees.

The Canadian government was right to impose visa requirements this week on visitors from Mexico and the Czech Republic. The massive abuse of our refugee determination system that has been taking place in recent years left Ottawa with no choice. In the long term, however, the best solution is to fix the refugee determination system itself--even though any such changes will be fiercely opposed by the Canadian refugee lobby, which has for years been able to call most of the shots on how we handle asylum claimants.

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Canadian eh! said...

The Czech Republic has open borders with several of the European Union countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement. The Roma/Gypsies who feel persecuted in the Czech Republic can move freely to the other Schengen countries.

I have been to the Czech Republic. I have been in Prague and some of the smaller cities. I did not see or hear of any violence between the white Czechs and Romas. I did not hear about any attacks or discrimination against the Vietnamese who live in the Czech Republic. Nor did I see Japanese tourists being attacked or denied service in Prague.