Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anti-drug efforts beefed up along U.S.-Canada border

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Great Idea, just make sure any Canadian and US Drug Smugglers going to and fro from British Columbia are busted on the US side, cause sure as hell if they are left for the British Columbia courts to deal with, Heaven Help us, cause the Nancy Left British Columbia Revolving Door Court system will release em on bail faster than you can arrest them, with court dates made well into the new year.
British Columbia Judges have to be the most incompetent when dealing with Criminals, releasing them with a promise to appear order.  And we wonder why Police officers and Custom Agents are so stressed out over this, that they catch and beat repeat criminals when caught over and over and over again and they never spend any time in jail or get double credit for time served waiting at home for a court date.  Yep welcome the BC the bestest place to live on Earth, especially for the Criminals.  

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PLATTSBURGH, New York -- Anti-drug efforts beefed up along U.S.-Canada border Updated Sat. Jul. 25 2009 10:51 PM ET The Associated Press The world's longest undefended border.

It's a catchy yet increasingly imprecise term for the U.S.-Canada frontier, as authorities on both sides ratchet up efforts to curb bustling traffic in illegal drugs and guns.

The U.S. Border Patrol has tripled the number of agents along the 8,851 kilometre border in recent years, with hundreds more soon to be deployed. Unmanned U.S. surveillance aircraft are being tested for use over the frontier, and video surveillance towers are going up around Buffalo and Detroit.

Multi-agency, binational law enforcement teams operate in 15 regions from coast to coast.

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