Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 reasons why Joe Jackson should not be allowed near children

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
The Guy sounds like a real Prince, thhough more like the Prince of Darkness, yet for some reason his family still include him in their lives. Guess the wrong Jackson died for that matter. Nice to see a Vulture, once finished picking the bones clean of his own flesh and blood, looks like he is salivating over his next meal....his grandchildren!!

Since the untimely death of his son, Joe Jackson has emerged from the ensuing media frenzy with a library of quotes that, rather than reinvigorating his image and career, instead confirm he is the insensitive, money hungry, exploitative father we all have long suspected he is. After plugging his record company at the BET awards just three days after Michael's death, Joe called a press conference where, instead of apologizing for his gross error in judgment, plugged his record company again. To the horror of mothers everywhere, Joe is currently helping his wife Katherine care for Michael's three children, and in an interview yesterday with ABC, Joe again said what none of us wanted to hear, this time pondering the future musical careers of his grandchildren. If anyone needs reminding about Joe's suspect parenting abilities, take a look at his 2003 BBC interview, in which he asserts that it only counts as a beating if you do it with a stick.

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