Monday, June 15, 2009

David Letterman issues a full Appology for Palin Joke


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David Letterman issues a full Appology for his Palin Joke on tonights Late Show with David Letterman.  Since this is what conservatives and others have asked of him, one might concider his apology as valid.  During the unscripted racially charged joke given by Don Imus on Imus in the Morning no amont of appologising seemed to make those concerned happy.  One hopes that America has moved beyond that and will accept the apparnt heart felt appology of Mr. Letterman.  Still groups intend to picket his studios despite the appology.  "he made the joke and he can't take it back" said one in a womans group near New York.  Hopefully folks understand what the word forgiveness really means. 

I told a joke that was beyond flawed, and my intent is completely meaningless compared to the perception" of the joke by viewers, he said during Monday's taping of "Late Night with David Letterman," according to a transcript given to Reuters.

"And since it was a joke I told, I feel that I need to do the right thing here and apologize for having told that joke," he said. "It's not your fault that it was misunderstood, it's my fault."

"I would like to apologize especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the Governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke. I'm sorry about it and I'll try to do better in the future," he said.

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