Monday, May 11, 2009

Scare Force 1 Photo Released

The controversial Air Force One flyover in New York City has been released following several Freedom of Information Act inquiry’s.  Rather then using photo shop or another program, the Obama Administration thought it would replace the old AF1 Photo over Mount Rushmore with a 328,000 a low level Fly Over with the Statue of Liberty in the Background.  Several websites have duplicated this photo to show how easy it would be to do a photoshop version of the photo.

Here are your tax dollars at work

Scare Force One

Scare Force One

Late Friday personnel dump: Scare Force One staffer “resigns”

White House Military Office director Louis Caldera tendered his resignation this afternoon. The NY Daily News has the story.

Here’s the official review of the incident. It does not cover DoD or FAA involvement. The report says “Initial planning” began in “March 2009 or earlier” without specifying who exactly initiated the planning and why. Caldera blames “severe back muscle spasms” and his recent return from a trip to Mexico for his failure to read e-mail concerning the mission. Also: He had a grand total of two email accounts. You can’t expect a crony paper-pusher to keep track of all that! (Source: Michelle Malkin)

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