Monday, May 11, 2009

Photo of "torture" as Example of Stess Positions is Fake

Andrew Sullivan in His article "Karl Rove's Definition Of "Torture" uses a photo of a man between two litters as an example of torture.  Well Andrew Sullivan didn't due proper research.  The photo is really an example of how a hostile combative military member is withstrained in a sitution where psychiatric drugs or a 4 point withstaints are not readaly available to a medic or Behavirial Science Specialist.  This is not an example of touture at all.  If it were, then this in an example of something being called tourture that are often utilized by the U.S. Military on its own people.  Chemical CS gas is used in training as well on US Soldiers.  Many eleite soldiers have been water boarded.  The bottom line here is that while at the White House Coorspondants Dinner comidian Sykes wishs that Rush Limbaugh would die an Awful death but God forbid we use low level intergrigation to gather vital information that would possibly save thousands of lives. 


It is worth remembering given the current state of the debate. Karl Rove has been aggressively arguing that nothing that the Bush administration did could be construed as torture, not even the Khmer Rouge technique of water-boarding, let alone the long-term sleep deprivation, stress positions, hypothermia, forced nudity, hooding, dietary manipulation, sensory deprivation and all the other "EIT"s his president authorized.

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