Friday, May 22, 2009

Huge TEA PARTY TAX REVOLT Win! California Vote NO on Tax Increase

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition is reporting that their tax revolt event on May 16 may have been a major contributing factor to Californians voting No on Tax increases to fund out of control spending in California.  The California Govrnor must now come up with budgets cuts that will coorelate more closly with revenue already generated by taxpayers.

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, LLC (SoCal-TRC, LLC) is thrilled about the defeat of Proposition 1A, as well as the associated proposals IB through 1E that were presented in yesterday’s special election. We sincerely believe that the Tea Party Tax Revolt efforts made by our organization since Feb. 27th have produced the first frontline victory in the battle for scaling-back big government policies.

The result is outstanding, as the grassroots taxpayer advocacy groups (i.e., Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition) were outspent by 20 million dollars by pro-proposition forces (like the mislabeled “Budget Reform Now” organization). Fully informed citizens, especially those who attended “Tea Party” tax revolts (such as the ones we hosted Feb. 27, April 11, April 15 and May 16) and stayed informed via talk radio, Facebook, and a wide variety of new media/Internet resources, voted “NO” to the Legislature’s proposals by approximately 65% to 35% margins. Many other citizens viewed Proposition 1F in the same way that SoCal-TRC, LLC did: Since it denied state legislators a pay raise in deficit years, it seemed a sensible idea. Therefore, 1F was the only one that passed (73% of the voters saying “YES” to the measure).

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