Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ex-KGB agent pleads against deportation

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Yep, Aint Canada, just a friggin peach?  When a Russian family legally immigrates to Canada from Russia in the late 1990s, with the father telling Canadian immigration officials his induction into the KGB, cause as anyon know, if the KGB call you better join or else.  There are no indications the Man did anything wrong criminally than serve his country as a translator for the KGB, such as wiretaps. Every country in the world do it.  The man should be allowed to stay and not be treated as a criminal and deported.

Certainly not the case with hundreds of immigrant criminal elements currently living under false pretenses and walking our streets who are welcomed with open arms by our government who know exactly what these people are doing and continue to do.

One can only surmise if this Russian Immigrant stated, he helped Blow up a plane full of Asian passengers over the coast of Ireland (Air India), or perhaps sent their entire family to Afghanistan to join Bin Laden and kill innocent men, women, children (Khadr Family), or gunned down Vancouverittes because they wanted to control the drug trade (UN Ganga and Red Scorpions), My goodness the list is endless of the immigrant criminals who came to this country bent on destroying our culture or ensuring other cultures in far off lands cease to exist. Mind you these hundreds if not thousands of criminals in Canada were not forced to join these criminal enterprises, but joined willingly.

The man and his family make Canada their home, the man gets a decent job, not welfare, his son is an A student, Then their world comes crashing down. Flashback to the present has the Federal Government rethinking it's decision to let him stay,  but then when your as Lily White as the Driven Snow, your rights are trumped by the Rich Fabric of Multicultural Diversity Canada has come to be. And that is the real Criminal Element.

Some will think of this post as Racist, when in truth when you background check all the criminal elements allowed to stay in this Province, the facts are crystal clear!


OTTAWA — After travelling to the nation's capital from their home in Burnaby, B.C., former KGB agent Mikhail Lennikov, his wife and son overcame nerves and shyness Tuesday to plead their case for allowing a loving family to stay together and live in Canada.

The decision to try to meet face-to-face with two federal ministers who could keep the family together was spurred by a June 3 deportation order hanging over Lennikov's head.

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