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What to go to the American Idol Finalle? Pay Clinton's Debt


Stephanie Miller, Penn Jillette Et Al On "Larry King" Re: Obama At G-20 (Part 1)

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Stephanie Miller, Penn Jillette Et Al On "Larry King" Re: Obama At G-20 (Part 1)


American Idol?-Photo-01

American Idol?-Photo-01

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By Albert N. Milliron, Editor Iron Mill News

Remember the good Ole days when big donors got the opportunity to stay a night or two in the Lincoln Bedroom. Why old news today, I thought it would be fitting to revisit the issue and compare and contrast a new Clinton attempt to retire her Campaign debt.

With Hilliary Clinton attacking her news Job with the Obama Administration, James Carville, the Inventor of the war Room has taken the reins to retire all of the left over debt from Hillary's failed Presidential campaign.  As of today, there are vender's and creditors still waiting  to be paid for the service provided to the Clinton campaign.  Even though the Clinton's did very well financially during the Bush years, they think it not important to pay the hard working Americans who provided guidance and services while she was running.

James Carville came up with a plan form the old play book.  Since the Lincoln Bedroom is no longer available for sale.  Carville has written a letter to former Clinton supporters asking them to retire the campaign debt that still is nearly 8 million dollars.  The Offer?  How about a day with Bill Clinton as a prize, Better yet an all expense paid trip to the American Idol Set's Grand Finale?  If that doesn't suit you, James himself has offered to pimp himself for a day of political discourse.  Wow a day with the Man who said,

"I was against gay marriage until I realized I didn't have to get one." or "The teachings of the Church line up more with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party." and still another tid bit of insight you would receive, When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil."

Back to the Lincoln Bedroom.  This proved very profitable for the Democrats, a property that is owned and maintained by the American people, Carville devised a scam to give the Lincohn Bedroom saty as a perk for major donors .

Why bring this ancient history up again?  Today James Carville sent out a letter (See Below)  That offers those who restore Hillary Clinton's Debt a chance to Have a Lincoln bedroom Experience.

Before it was to receive contributions now it is to retire debt from a political campaign.  Does the Campaign have any idea that there is a recession on?  With the White House rhetoric that this economic crisis could lead to catastrophe, Carville is asking you to pay Clinton's debt while hard working Americans are in financial crisis.  What steal from he to retire the debt of the rich?  Isn't that just what James Carville said the Republicans did?

I would say this is beyond the political pail, even for James Carville.  Here is a suggestion, How about the Clinton's retire their own debt and not bother the hard working Americans to pay for yet another  financial bailout called the CCD?

Here is the transcript from the Carville Letter under Hillary Clinton's Logo

[q url=",1_78877_AM0wvs4AAMDOSd3JwwTYuRdaRXM,1_120497_ANcwvs4AAIMYSd9TMQtP1D3Lv9g,1_9649_AM8wvs4AALPTSdtY9gZFQEXwPuI,1_10341_ANMwvs4AAMnUSdtchgwUmx3qPts,1_124322_ANMwvs4AAPanSd5R9wUDoTp9uks,1_74696_AM0wvs4AAHT5Sd3lvQlNk1SW4OQ,1_82035_ANMwvs4AAUEPSd2u5AkAzXFeBqM,1_121817_ANQwvs4AAJliSd5QNwSudC%2ByPfk,1_10967_AM8wvs4AAO9dSdwCmQyJ%2Fn3E8YI,1_80994_AM4wvs4AAO%2B%2BSd2vRA08MzXITzM,"]Subject- DC, LA, or NYC?
Thursday, April 9, 2009 2:54 PM
From: "James Carville" <>

To: Redacted
From Hillary Clinton

Dear John Doe,

I knew it was going to take an extraordinary effort to help pay off Hillary Clinton's campaign debt. But now, I think we can do it and have some fun at the same time!

I won't spend a lot of time trying to convince you to help Hillary. I know what she means to you, and I'm sure you know how important it is for her to have her campaign pay off all its obligations.

So let's get to the fun part -- enter today to win one of three truly once in a lifetime opportunities and you will also be doing something great to help finish off Hillary's debt.

With a contribution today, one of these exclusive prizes could be yours:

  • Spend a day with President Clinton. Head to New York City to attend several interesting events with President Clinton followed by your own special New York City weekend.

  • * Attend the American Idol season finale. You and a guest will watch live as the American Idol judges make their final comments and decisions on this year's most anticipated season finale!

  • * Want to talk politics with me? How about a spending a weekend in DC. You will have lunch with me and my great friend Paul Begala. We will talk about politics, you will get to tour all the amazing sites DC has to offer and who knows what else could happen!

Make a $5 contribution today, and you could be on your way to one of these once in a lifetime opportunities!

Your contribution today not only gives you the chance at winning one of these fantastic prizes - it'll also help our dear friend, Hillary Clinton, pay off the very last of her campaign debt.

This means a whole lot to Hillary, and I know she appreciates everything you do for her.

These amazing prizes are only being offered online and are available only for a limited time - so please don't delay in acting today.


James Carville

May be it is time to let James Carville know that Bill Clinton signed the Bill that deregulated the banks and signed legislation that forced banks to lend to unworthy home buyers who could not possible pay for their mortgages..

How about ask th Clinton's for a contribution to help bail out your debt due to the recession that they helped to bring to fruition.  I know that it is in vogue to Blame Bush for the inheritance fo the debt and finacial problems, one only look at legislative history to see that Bush inherited a recession as well.  Has terrorist Attacks, major disasters to contended with and two wars.

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