Monday, April 20, 2009

Thousands expected to light up outside Vancouver library for Pot

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Well this is sure to be an event, during this election, one wonders which or how many politicians will show, looking too suck up some votes from the potheads, not that any would remember which Politician they met through their Smoke filled Glasses.  And we wonder about all the Marijuana related shootings and killings our Politicians spout about when stating we have a handle on Crime and we are doing our best to stop it.  Yep, I can see that! Can you? 

Wonder what would have happen during this POT FEST, of a lone cigarette smoker happen to pass by too close to a public building in contravention of our City Bylaws?  I tell you what would happen, Swat would be upon him and charge him $100.00 for endangering the Public Health, all within rock throwing distance of thousands of Pot Smokers the Public Library, funny they wont suffer a similar fate, all because they are not smoking a cigarette.

Last year the smoke was so thick it could be seen a block away and the acrid smoke could be smelled blocks away, one would think with the unemployment rampant in the city, they would be out looking for a job cause they are outraged they cannot find a job, but then when I watched them Prancing and Singing last year, who would hire them? 

In ending, it is nice to Hypocrisy Rules in a city of Politicians who clearly have no clue in how to lay down the law, except for the lone cigarette smoker watching all this . 

(Photo Inset) Minna Mah of Nanaimo held a marijuana-leaf Canadian flag above the crowd at last year's event. Photograph by: Peter Battistoni, Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER — A cloud of marijuana smoke will be hovering over the Vancouver Public Library on Monday as thousands spark up for National Pot Smokers Day. Vancouver police will be attending the annual '420' event, which attracted some 6,000 people last year, to ensure it remains peaceful. Despite open drug use last year, no arrests were made. The festivities begin at 4:20 p.m.
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