Thursday, April 16, 2009

Premier Campbell unveils new promises: Political Ransom for Votes

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

As the photo caption states:

To fight crime, Mr. Campbell said he will introduce "new legislation to require those arrested with outstanding warrants from other provinces to be immediately returned to those jurisdictions."

Well in my Opinion if Premier Campbell was serious about crime, why wait until after the election? 

We have a serious issue in this Province, and enticing votes in order to safeguard our lives against the criminal element Reeks of Political Ransom! In other words Vote for "Premier "Vito Don" Campbell or I'll let the criminals rule the Roost! 

Well "Mr. Premier Snot Nosed Scammer" I wasn't born Yesterday, and neither were the voters of BC!

VANCOUVER -- Under a new B.C. Liberal government, criminals with arrest warrants from outside British Columbia will be denied income assistance and other provincial benefits until they deal with their problems from back home.

This promise is contained in the B.C. Liberal Party election platform released in Vancouver Wednesday morning by Premier Gordon Campbell.

Focusing heavily on his party's approach to the economy -- but also addressing issues such as crime and seniors' care -- the platform outlines what Mr. Campbell calls "six pillars for a strong B.C."

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