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No room for special status in Canadian mainstream: Multiculturism

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Again, another story, which I have always espoused as decades of Liberal Ethnic Pandering for Votes.

Thank god we now have a Conservative Government who state to ethic communities "You are not to be treated any different than Canadians, if you want to be Canadian, then Suck it Up and start acting Canadian.  Nothing like fostering Racial Strife by treating on Culture better than another. Or kowtowing to the Liberal Drivel of Multiculturalism and Diversity in making those new to Canada "Special"!  You are Canadian as soon as your Ass hits Canadian Soil as far as I am concerned we are all equal!  Get used it!

Canada's ethno-cultural communities no longer need special status, says the minister in charge of multiculturalism.

Jason Kenney said Canada's minorities are strong and rich enough to support themselves and should compete with "old-stock" Canadians and other ethnic groups for cultural funding.

"We don't need to force the issue of diversity, it's there," he said in an interview with Sun Media. "The challenges of today aren't turning Canada into a diverse society. It already is."


Kenney said the federal Liberals' multiculturalism policies of the 1970s, which funded particular communities and "their food and folklore," are outdated. He struck a nerve, in a recent speech, when he doubted the necessity of diversity programs.

"Our ethno-cultural communities are sufficiently large and robust with their own resources that they don't need government contributions or subsidies in order to maintain diversity," he said.

After that speech, Kenney was quickly asked if the popular Ukrainian Shumka Dancers would no longer qualify for government funding.

"No," he said. "They don't qualify under multiculturalism because they are the new mainstream. They do qualify for funding under the various arts programs that exist in Canadian Heritage."

The same goes for ethnic newspapers. "They would get the same consideration as non-ethnic newspapers, but they won't get different consideration because their readers happen to be from a different part of the world originally."

Here is a related story I posted today on the futility of Multiculturalism and Diversity

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