Thursday, April 16, 2009

The life and death of Betty "the Loan Shark"

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Betty the Loan Shark, was a common fixture at Casino Parking lots, where it is said would dispense cash to fellow Asians whose luck ran out, guess Bettys gamble finally resulted in Craps!  Betty it seems had a different story for every occasion when arrested, from International Spy to Mother who would use her young children as human shield to ward of Hit Contracts when it was revealed she named names, any names in order to stave off deportation back to Asia.  Certainly shows why many in British Columbia blamed politicians for selling BC er's to Asian Crime Gangs, where past Governments Immigration Agencies effectiveness at background checks of immigrants was as a loose as Immigration Canada on Olestra.

All who knew her came to the same conclusion.

“It was only a matter of time,” said Asian organized-crime investigators who spoke to The Province about the woman found shot dead inside a Mercedes-Benz at a Richmond industrial complex Wednesday morning.

Her name was Betty Yan, a.k.a. Betty “the Loan Shark” Yan, a.k.a. “Big Sister” Betty, a.k.a. Betty Tung Sze Yan.

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