Saturday, April 04, 2009

'Canada isn't a hotel': CDN Immigration Minister says

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Wow, a Politician who says whats on Canadians Minds! Who knew? What Canadian Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says rings true for the majority of Canadians, when we Canadians are forced to abide by Liberal Dogma for years in accepting the drivel called Multiculturalism and Diversity, yet there are those who come to our Country obviously do not subscibe to this decades of Liberal Drivel.  I have provided countless stories on the futility of Multiculturalism and Diversity, Liberal Cliche Catchphrases spewed by Liberals at every election. It is nice to see a Minister of the Conservative party under Prime Minister Stephen Harper showing Canadians  there seems to be rules for some and not for others when it comes to those who treat Canada as a hotel of cultural ghettos, when our open expanse in this country affords others who come to this country to assimilate and feel Canadian, instead of pockets of some communities resembling countries in which Canadians do not recognise!  If immigrants to this country, wish to be cloistered in ethic communities, never venturing outside them to learn of Canada and Canadians or for that matter refuse or not bother to know and understand other cultures and peoples which make up Canada, then why should Canadians be forced to learn and understand them?  Like I say, when in Rome....................... Get it, got it, good!

Canada needs to better integrate its ethnic minorities in order to combat the potential for extremism, says Canada's immigration and multiculturalism minister.

In an interview with Sun Media, Jason Kenney said Canada's high level of immigration runs the risk of creating "ethnic silos" that could do here what they have done in Europe.

"We shouldn't be naive about the very real dangers of radicalization, of extremism. We shouldn't over-exaggerate it and nor should we just pretend it doesn't exist," he said.

Kenney is concerned some communities are not actively integrating with mainstream society. While he won't point fingers, he said "there are people who come to Canada or are born in Canada that have very illiberal views, who believe that their religious dogma or their ethnic grievance justifies violence."

"Now, that may be a tiny minority of people, but that's all it takes to cause real problems," he said.



Kenney said it's unhealthy for immigrants to isolate themselves and he's pushing an "integration" agenda.

Giving the example of a teenager in Richmond, B.C., who arrives from mainland China and spends most of his time fraternizing with other Mandarin speakers -- at school, at home, on social networking websites -- Kenney asked how much someone like that would have contact with people of different backgrounds. He believes modern communication -- Internet, satellite television -- slows down the process of integration.

"We don't just want a country that is a bunch of different silos where people don't associate with each other," he said. "Canada isn't a hotel."

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