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Gibsons' cops shoot "weird" woman after man gunned down in nursin

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

What I would like to know is, are Nursing Home Residents allowed to pack Heat?  If not, it is pretty hard not to Notice a Rifle toting resident you would think?  Residents and Staff not noticing a wheelchair bound Nursing home resident tooling around the Nursing Home with a rifle leaves me to believe were Staff sampling their patients Meds? 

Cops arrived on the scene shot the women, Guess their first clue who to shoot, was the obvious GUN RACK on the back of this deranged womans wheelchair.

This province just gets wierder and wierder!

Gibsons' cops shoot "weird" woman after man gunned down in nursing home
 Woman shot after she shot man inside nursing home
 By Katie Mercer, The Province

Mounties shot a woman in a wheelchair Tuesday after she shot a person inside a Gibsons nursing home. The incident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. at the Good Samaritan Christenson Village nursing home after a facility manager and a male nurse approached the wheelchair-bound resident to evict her.

 The woman allegedly shot the manager with a rifle, while the nurse escaped. Residents identified the woman to The Province as Linda. They said she had been acting erratically after being served an eviction notice.

“She was being evicted because she was just weird,” said a resident, who asked not to be named. “She should have never been here.” Residents told The Province that Linda, 40, had recently shaved her head and was asking fellow residents to write recommendation letters on her behalf.

When they declined, she told them “you’re next.”

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