Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gang crime security crackdown on port and airport workers may aff

Barry Artiste Op/Ed It's about time the Conservative Government decided to kick ass and taking names in what is belived for decades our ports are rife with organized crime, everything from drugs to illegal immigration. It will be interesting to see which Politicians and Unions oppose this crime fighting move, of course it may give insight on those opponents on which side their bread is buttered on! Gang crime security crackdown on port and airport workers may affect 100,000 people By Mike De Souza, Canwest News Service Tens of thousands of workers at B.C. airports and ports are among 100,000 people nationwide who may be affected by a security crackdown announced by the Conservative government. The initiative comes through a new deal signed this week by the federal Transport Department and the RCMP to weed out organized-crime operatives from restricted areas, Canwest News Service has learned. The agreement would improve information-sharing between the two agencies and allow the RCMP to conduct detailed background checks on employees applying for new security passes or renewals. The deal is intended to improve the security of both passengers and cargo. Sgt. Shinder Kirk, of B.C.’s Integrated Gang Task Force, said Friday he wasn’t aware of the initiative but applauded any moves to tighten security to prevent illegal cargo from entering or leaving the city. He noted that Metro Vancouver, as a major port city, is extremely vulnerable because of its connections to Asia, its proximity to the U.S. border and its growing international airport.

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