Friday, April 03, 2009

Democrats Breaking Rank on Global Warming

Democrats Breaking Rank on Global Warming

By William Warren

Boldly standing up in direct defiance to the Big Government “Global Warming” zealots of the left, a startling 26 Democratic Senators broke rank on Wednesday and helped defeat a provision that would have hastened the way to costly cap-and-trade climate change legislation.

Such action sends a loud, clear message: there is a growing bipartisan resistance to the much-ballyhooed pseudo-“consensus” on anthropogenic global warming and the necessity of sweeping environmentalist policies to counteract this “dire emergency.”

As reported by The Hill, 41 Republicans and the 26 Democrats voted in favor of a critical budget amendment that will prohibit liberal lawmakers from slipping cap-and-trade legislation “under the radar” through a method known as the “reconciliation process.” Had it not been resoundingly thwarted, the “reconciliation process” would have lowered the number of Senate votes needed to pass the crippling environmentalist legislation from 60 to 51.

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