Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Canada Airports Staffed byTerrorists, Drug Dealers Criminal Gangs

Barry Artiste Op. Ed

Well Canadians certainly knew out Seaports were staffed by Criminal Gangs, as reported by Government and Police agencies allowing all manner of illicit goods and illegal immigrants into our country.  Unions for these Port workers have consistently refused to allow their dock workers to undergo criminal background checks, even though the Ports fall under Federal Jurisdiction under Ports Canada! 

Now we find a No Sh*t Sherlock expose from our Federal Auditor General that our Canadian Airports rival Dock workers in being staffed by the Criminal Underworld. Airports also fall under the Federal auspices of Transport Canada. 

There have also been cases in Surrey, British Columbia where Customs Officers, under the control of the Federal Customs Canada have been found to be engaged in criminal drug smuggling activity.

What will be done with criminal background checks at our International Airports? Well if Ports Canada is unable to get Criminal Background checks on its Dock Workers, I surmise much the same opposition will be faced at our International Airports.  God Help Us All!

Perhaps a Big sign should be displayed at all our Canadian Ports of Entry warning "Welcome to Nancyville"!

Funny, when you hear the United States worried about Terrorism, Drug smuggling, Illegal Aliens crossing their border through Canada and call our Porous Border the most easiest border to get in and out of, many Canadian state anti Canadian rhetoric from Americans.  Well, I guess our Southern Cousins can smugly state, We told ya so!

So now Canadians can bask in the knowlegde why it can take two hours sitting in your car waiting to cross into the US, cause it appears US Customs and Immigration are doing what we should have been doing all along, Securing our Canadian Borders and Soverienty for us.

Let's hope Prime Minister Harper and his Conservatives will give RCMP and Police agencies some leeway in stopping all this National Nancyism and get down to the business in eliminating criminals from ruling the Federal roost.

Baird promises quick action on AG report

Updated Tue. Mar. 31 2009 10:06 PM ET News Staff

Transport Minister John Baird has vowed to strengthen information sharing between his ministry and the RCMP, after the auditor general said people with criminal backgrounds are working at Canada's airports.

"We've got to do a much better job," Baird told reporters Tuesday.

"We're in advanced discussions with the RCMP on a ... stronger information-sharing agreement. Frankly, if we don't have one within 10 days I'm going to get our two teams together in my boardroom and not going to let them go out until it's successfully concluded."

In a report issued Tuesday afternoon, Sheila Fraser warned that Transport Canada and the RCMP are both withholding information from one another, which compromises the security of Canada's airports.

"Transport Canada issues these clearances to people to work in restricted areas of airports, and is mainly concerned about security to planes and passengers, to threats to planes and passengers," Fraser told CTV's Power Play.

"It's not as concerned or preoccupied by criminal activity that may go on in airports. I think we all know there have been a number of reports issued, even by the RCMP, that there are criminal gangs in airports."

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