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11% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim

Barry Artite Op/Ed

Again, religion rears its ugly head with the practice by many unclued to the concept of including Religious based performance of a President.  For one Muslim is not a religion, funny how this is brought up in a nonsensical poll, and then a side by side poll of Lutherans, Christians, Catholics.  WTF?  Media Misinformation, just feeds the ignorant.
Not all Muslims are of the Islamic faith, but all Islamics are Muslim.  And in the end, does it really matter if Obama was or is a Muslim?   Though I am conservative by choice, I think Americans should count their lucky stars, they have President Barack Obama as President, he is articulate, intelligent, and seems to be his own man, versus the other choices. As for having a Muslim President if he were, who cares, as long as his loyalties lie with America and the people he wishes to lead to better times.    I wonder if there is a poll out there where it is asked if Americans believe Obama is Black or Hawaiian? Again, does it really matter.  Now back to Jerry Springer!

11% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim

A poll conducted by Pew Research in March shows that over one in 10 Americans still believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim. That number is only slightly lower than the results of a poll conducted by Pew last October.

White evangelical Protestants (19%) and Republicans (17%) are among the most likely to view Obama as a Muslim, according to the poll.

In spite of Obama being on record about his Christian faith and his well known association with a Chicago United church, opponents raised questions about Obama's religion during the contentious 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign.

Conservapedia, which bills itself as the conservative alternative to Wikipedia, has a subsection called 'Obama is likely the first Muslim President' in its entry on Obama. The section lists what it sees as evidence of Obama's Muslim faith.

In June 2008, Fox News commentator E.D. Hill took issue with a fist bump (pictured above) between Obama and his wife Michelle, suggesting it was a "terrorist fist jab." Hill's program was soon cancelled and her Fox News contract not renewed.

The debate over Obama's religion soon took to the Internet where Obama's campaign started its own website to address the religion issue and other 'smears.'

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