Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vancouver’s housing habit


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Barry Artiste Op/Ed

And this is my fault how? Canadians certainly didnt shove a needle into this womans arm, and to think bright and cheery surroundings at $600.00 a square foot in pricey digs would have prevented her Drug induced Demice is Stupidity on any part.  Build more housing for homeless and more will come and die from all over Canada.  Common sense lost on everyone but a few of us who encounter more and more every day!

VANCOUVER -- Money hasn't saved Canada's most blighted neighbourhood, the drug-infested Downtown Eastside. Resources aren't wanting; it's estimated that $1-million is shovelled into the area every day to pay for myriad services and examples of social housing not seen in other communities.

All that money didn't save Wendy Desjarlais. She died there last month, inside her subsidized, roach-infested apartment. A 54-year-old drug addict, Ms. Desjarlais was found in her bathtub. She had been there for days, but no one knew until water began dripping into an apartment below.

Her death was barely noted. Indeed, Ms. Desjarlais might seem just another Downtown Eastside casualty. She'd been alone, in terrible physical condition and in a constant state of paranoia, thanks to years of heavy drug use.

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