Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vancouver Drug trafficker sues his kidnappers: Karma's a Bitch!

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Does anyone care? Since he is in jail serving a 13 year sentence, one wonders if he successfully sues, will he get any money? If so, one can be sure Revenue Canada will get it!  One more thing, what about deportation back to Vietnam after he serves his sentence? So many unanswered questions aren't there?

VANCOUVER — Drug trafficker Peter Sum Li, who according to prosecutors paid out the largest ransom ever in a kidnapping in Canada, is suing his six alleged kidnappers for restitution, general and special damages.

The criminal trial of the six accused began in September and continues before B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies in Vancouver.

In February 2006, Li, his wife, Jennifer Pan, and his business associate, Xiao Chun Chen, were snatched from a Burnaby apartment by a group of men and held for a month.

Li — who since the kidnapping has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for drug trafficking — and Chen were beaten and tortured with a Taser. All three victims were tied up, had their mouths taped and were wrapped in plastic for 24 hours without food, water or access to bathroom facilities.

During the abduction, more than $1.3 million in cash was paid out. A suitcase containing $495,000 was handed over to a man in a vehicle in Toronto, $400,000 was dropped off in Vancouver and another $450,000 paid out in China. None of the money was ever recovered.

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