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'Non' to French in the Post, 'No' to Israeli Apartheid Week!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed This story is so wrong on my issues, first of all the French language is part of Canadian Culture, to bar it from having a French Section in the National Post, smacks of anti Canadian Culture and more importantly alienating a market of Canadians who speak French who would buy the National Post. In these dire economic times, to cut off your nose despite you financial face doesn't make sense to a very few who may cancel their subscription because a small section of the paper has a French Language Section. Secondly, banning Muslims from Immigration to Canada in one breath and as you continue to read the story, it indicates actually banning Islamic immigration. It has been said that not all Islamic are Muslim, but all Muslims are Islamic. So this doesn't wash with me. You don’t ban the whole friggin culture on the few who spoil it for the rest of them. There are varying degrees of Muslims who do not subscribe to a lunacy of those who preach death and destruction, just because they do not happen to share the same religion. I as a catholic and many others do not believe in lunatic verses of the holy bible that espouse killing non believers. I have family members who are of the Jewish faith as well, do they really believe all that is written about slaughtering people who are not of the Jewish faith in the Torah. Of course not! You have to take it all with a grain of salt. You have to remember these holy books were never written by the men they talk about, they were written and interpreted and modified by followers centuries after Allah, Moses and Christ’s death. So much of what can be said of the good of Islam, Judaism and Christian ideology we take, the Fancy Silly crazy stuff we can attribute to the ancient scribe and his order as having a different agenda, sort of an artistic license, most likely mandated by the Ruler of that period. What we do know is all three of these religious men did good, followed peace and fellowship, healing and feeding their fellow man, to think they all of a sudden one day as an afterthought said to their followers “Oh and by the Way, Kill all non believers of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.” Do you really, really think they all said that? For instance Mohamed, do you really think he uttered the words, kill a whole bunch of people , including yourself on behalf of Allah and you get to gangbang 70 virgins in paradise. If Mohamed were alive today and listening to this from some Whackjob Imam, I am sure his response would be WTF??? As for Moses, do you really think he was that “Directionally Challenged” and lead thousand of Israelites out of Egypt and take 40 years wandering through the desert to find Israel which was only a few hundred miles away? Can you imagine thousands of Israelites asking all in unison every friggin hour along the way “Are We There Yet?” ,” Moses, Are We There Yet?” Moses…………….. Moses, most likely took the ten commandment tablets, and upsided some whiny ass Israelite over the goddamn head! Jesus for instance, splitting a couple of loaves of bread and a few fish to feed a hundred people to fullness, you really, really think so? Not to mention walking on water. So if you truly believe the above mention actions which had occurred 2 millennia ago, and professed to have happened by ancient scholars centuries long after these three prophets have died, then you need to give your head a BIG SHAKE! I am sure enough of you have seen magicians on TV do even more stupendous feats, imagine if these TV magicians lived in ancient times and did these feats of magic in front of a group of people a thousand years ago? Hell if they even did this a century ago! Holy Tap Dancin Christ, they would be proclaimed as our new Gods!! Faith Healing Tele Evangelists are proof of that today! Now before you wrap your ankles around your ears in protest, I am in no way saying Mohamed, Moses, or Christ were magicians, they existed, and were good men, performing charitable deeds to the masses. All I am saying is people believe what they want to believe, hence seeing a magician perform a magic act to the uninitiated seems miraculous when is not a miracle, it is only magic. Watch Monty Python’s Life of Brian, they pretty much hit the nail on the head! All in all these three wise religious men preached Faith! Well, Faith also includes Faith in yourself and to do good and not follow false prophets! As for the Holocaust, people still refuse to believe it happened, it was that horrific, but then for some reason people still think Elvis is alive and well and living in the South. Certainly a Historic hypocrisy. As I have always said before time and time again, keep your religion and culture, just do not try and impose it in your new country as law. Live a life as the Romans once stated, when in Rome, you are Roman, no ifs, ands, or buts! Otherwise leave the West and take your cultural protests and religious battles to the land where they began! PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat, said it best , decades ago when he was talking to the Israeli Prime Minister, and Jimmy Carter. Arafat stated seriously and matter of factly, “The war in the middle east is to prove who has the most powerful imaginary friend!” Paul Russell: 'Non' to French in the Post, 'No' to Israeli Apartheid Week, 'Yes' to selective immigration Posted: March 14, 2009, 12:05 PM by Paul Russell Paul Russell Should the Post publish some articles en francais? Last week in this column a reader made that suggestion. As he noted, “This isn’t 1975 anymore, and many of us have some French ability.” Almost a dozen readers responded to his suggestion; only one agreed. The others not only gave the thumbs down, but a few promised drastic action, should this French language page come to pass. “If the National Post were to pander to les Québécois and publish a French page, I would not only cancel my subscription, I would campaign strenuously to have others cancel as well,” wrote Gerry Porter. “I love my Post, but I do have my principles.” “If the day ever comes that you choose to succumb to the wishes of a few French whiners and actually include a French section of your fine national paper, you can expect to get my letter cancelling my subscription,” added Dale Chilton. “Sorry, but I do not have the time to express my disgust with the part of Canada that has fractured us with their pseudo-complaints about the way TROC (The Rest of Canada) has treated them.” Another reader suggested the original letter writer should be the one making the changes. “The first thing he should do is to turn on the TV and be assailed by the publicly funded French channels,” wrote Peter Morgan. “The second [step], and the one I hope he takes, is to go to Quebec and stay there where he can practise whenever he wants.” -- Last week I explained why the Post would not publish letters that recommend that members of a certain religion be barred from immigrating to Canada. My reasoning failed to win over some readers.

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