Friday, March 27, 2009

Times are Tough: "Prostitute breaks down door, demands sex"

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

One has visions of Supermodel Type Hookers roving the streets practising their Kittenish Saleswomanship on Men, by kicking down their doors, demanding Sex while dressed as Wonder Women like.  You know, this is what Dear Penthouse Letters are made of!

But alas, One must wake up from ones dreamy, dreams and know most likely this lady of the glittery evening was more Rosanne Barr (ish) in a rubber thong and thigh high "FM boots and a golf shirt.  $10.00, to handle your Nibbly Bits? No thanks, I have better uses for my Wedding Tackle! 

A prostitute in North Carolina broke into an apartment and demanded sex from three men.

Nicole Scarpone forced her way into the house and ordered the men pay her $10 for sex.

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