Saturday, March 21, 2009

Speak English or French to be Canadian: MP


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Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Wow, who knew we have a common sense politician in our midst?
Like I always said, when in Rome......................................
Vancouver BC, has to be one of the largest Canadian cities where you venture into Richmond, and you may find yourself in a totally different world, It boggles the mind people living in our country for 20 years, still cannot speak, read or write English or French!

Cultural Ghettos dotted throughout Canada in cities foster such grounds for people not to learn our language, yet alone anything about the country they fled to!

Makes one wonder why they came here? One wonders how they can get work, unless employed within their own community and language.  Makes one wonder why they hesitate to be Canadians after living here for two decades?

To me that is not our self professed Multiculturism, that isn't even diversity!

This politicians has my vote, though naysayers will most likely want to status quo to continue! I'm looking at you! Layton and Gordo Campbell!


Speak English or French to be Canadian: MP
 By Bill Graveland, THE CANADIAN PRESS

CALGARY - Immigrants who can't speak English or French well enough should be denied citizenship, says a federal politician. Canada needs to improve its efforts to integrate newcomers, Jason Kenney, minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, said Friday.

"I believe one area that we can ask immigrants in the country to make a greater effort (in) is that of language," Kenney said in a speech to an immigration conference in Calgary.

"Last January I was in Delhi and sat in on a few immigration interviews. I encountered one woman who has lived in Canada for 15 years and been a Canadian citizen for nearly 12 years," he said.

"This woman was sponsoring a spouse to come to Canada but she could not conduct the interview with an official in either of our official languages. It made me wonder - is this an isolated example? Regrettably I don't think it's isolated enough."

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