Thursday, March 12, 2009

Israel Bad, Iran Good! We are just Hunting folk:Iran

Barry Artiste Op/Ed /Satire
That's unpossible, Iran would never do something as vicious as this, it must be a US CIA. Starbucks, and World Jewish Conspiracy to slander Iran who deny time and time again, they are just friendly folk who enjoy backyard BBQs, do a bit a hunting in their neighbors backyard, I mean come on with the discovery of "Super Animals" such as Flying Squirrels, and Bunnies with Razor sharp teeth, Iran and their Hunting buddies needs Armour piercing bullets , cause if you ever turn your back for even a second, vicious Bunnies will tear you apart in the forest. As for the Ships in which US and Israeli warships discovered Explosives bound for Syria and Lebanon. Come on Guys, who of you have never fished with high explosives?  

Of course the missles can be explained as well... "Fireworks celebrations"! Chinese made Fireworks are so expensive, and since Missles give a better bang for your buck why not use em!  All in all Israels picking on Good Ole Boy Iranians is grossly unfair, Iranians just want to let off some steam, and jump into the pickup truck and tour around the city picking up suicide bombers, eerrrrrrrrr I mean picking up babes for Beer Bashes.

You know Iranians enjoy nothing more than regular High school shenanigans. Nothing wrong with that according to commentors who think Israel is the mighty satan.

 Yep, that's how I see it! A big Jewish conspiracy. For Shame Israel for being such Tricksters! I'm Tellin!!  Israel is just anti hunting and anti fishing for us Sportsmen.

National Post editorial board:

3,000 more reasons Iran can't be trusted

Posted: March 12, 2009, 8:30 AM by NP Editor

When even the United Nations is prepared to scold a thuggish Third World regime, you know that government must have done something terribly wrong (or at least something so obvious that the New York-based international debating society can’t possibly make excuses for it).

On Tuesday, the UN Security Council sanctions-monitoring committee rebuked Iran for trying to smuggle a vast shipload of arms to Syria in violation of at least five UN resolutions.

The discovery of over 3,000 cases of high explosives, large-bore armour-piercing shells and anti-tank propellant proves Iran has no intention of ceasing its arms shipments to terror groups such as Hezbollah, using Syria as a conduit.

Nor can it be trusted to honour its international agreements to forgo acquiring nuclear arms.

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