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Halting the slaughter of Albino innocents

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

One would think in a world as Modern as our own, Myths resulting in Barbaric practises like this would be a thing of the past.
This brings another question, Immigration! How would this type of issue be handled with new arrivals to the West, if these same people believe and practise such nonsense!

Of course many will say Barry, take off the KKK hood! To that I say, in my time back east there were a group of new Somalian arrivals who would attend an Ottawa high school daily armed with Machetes hidden in their pantlegs, as that was their way, their culture.  In addition, these youths thought nothing of trying to sexually accost or harass young ladies in the school for the taking, again, that was their way and culture!  A man is king in their land and ladies are on this earth for the taking.  Now you tell me Immigration didn't know the cultural background of Somalia? Again information new arrivals could have used, but didn't get! Would it have helped new arrivals? Perhaps, but at least they would have been warned about the consequences of their actions!

Police and freaked out parents were called, it took close to two years to stop this from happening, as these youths thought it quite natural it seems to protect themselves, extort money and goods or harrass young ladies.  Perhaps in war torn Somalia this common, but not in Canada! 

Thankfully if memory serves me correct there were no fatalities because of it, but there were a few injuries, gang fights with these Somalia teens and their machetes etc.

In ending, a sad fact that when we take it for granted and accept new arrivals we expect them to act in a civilised manner,  yet if we (Immigration) does not study the area and customs, practices where these immigrants came from are we that complacent to assume they will act like us?  Apparently so, why not give them a crash course upon their arrival that you must give up certain customs, and live by Canadian rules and norms, because to do otherwise may be contrary to our laws of the land.  I remember meeting some newly arrived immigrants Freaking out if anyone in uniform passed them by, why? Because in their home country, a Uniform usually meant you were taken away, and never heard from again! Probably would have been helpful to inform Immigrants that Canadians in uniform are not like the oppressive regimes back home.  Another item is banking, many new arrivals do not trust banks, as their countries banking system was so crooked, no one trusted banks, so these newly arrived immigrants walked around with large wads of cash, and/or stored their life savings under their mattresses. This left them susceptable to Robbery, home invasions and scams.  Again, information Immigrants could have used upon arrival to this country.

So before you "Leftards" unholster your "waggin fingers" with charges of Racism at me, just know Barbaric stories like this and like many others is just one of the same beliefs, rumours and innuendo that we witness in the media and shake our heads and wonder, what is this world coming to?

Halting the slaughter of Albino innocents

Megan O'Toole, National Post Published: Friday, February 27, 2009

To the vicious hunters of northwestern Tanzania, she is "zeru zeru" -- invisible, inhuman, a ghost.

Under cover of darkness, a group of men charge into young Viviana's room in the middle of the night, pin her pale form immobile, and hack off one of her little legs as her sister screams in horror.

Viviana, shockingly, is among the lucky ones. The commotion draws the attention of neighbours, and the attackers slip off into the night without finishing the job. She is left an amputee, but alive.

The single albino leg will fetch upwards of $1,000 in a gruesome market controlled by powerful Tanzanian witch doctors, who grind the bones into potions and repurpose them as good luck charms for struggling miners and fishermen.

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