Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fresh Tea Daily - Let Us Trust Barack Obama

This video features short excerpts from speeches given by Democrats who voted for the stimulus and bailout bills passed during the Obama administration. Clearly, these elected representatives were in la-la land.

Quotes you’ll hear on the video:

  • Harry Reid: “Every penny will require Barack Obama’s personal sign-off. Barack Obama has also said there will be transparency. There will be oversight….This is a memorable vote. I believe this is the road to recovery for our country. Let’s trust Barack Obama.”

  • Dick Durbin: “I’m going to be voting for this with the faith that this new administration with new leadership and new eyes and new vision and new values will invest this money properly.”

  • Barney Frank: “We saw bonuses given that shouldn’t be given. I am confident that the Obama administration has learned from that. …We believe that the Obama administration will abide by its commitment to follow this bill if it’s passed.”

  • Chris Dodd: “There’s going to be far better accountabililty, far more transparency.”

  • Steny Hoyer: “It should strengthen our confidence to know that President Obama has learned from the mistakes that were made during the Bush administration.”

  • Tom Harkin: “I feel a little bit after the last one like Charlie Brown and Lucy. You know, she’s always pulling the football out from underneath Charlie Brown. That’s not going to happen to me again…We have someone new holding that ball. Someone by the name of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and their team.”

  • Jesse Jackson, Jr.: “The president will limit executive compensation for executives of companies that take advantage of taxpayer bailout funds.”

  • Jim Webb: “I spoke with the president elect on the points I just mentioned yesterday. He indicated that he was totally comfortable with my coming to the senate floor and saying that he personally guarantees closure on all of those issues.”

  • Barbara Boxer: “I will do it because of the assurances I got from the president-elect himself that it will be different.”

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