Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ford tells feds cash better used on buyers

Barry Artiste Op Ed

You know, Ford for decades has always trailed GM and Chrysler in terms of sales, but in the recent Bailout of the Big Three, it looks like Ford is #1 when putting Consumers as #1 where as GM and Chrysler go Wheelbarrow to the Government and Taxpayers to bail their sorry asses out!
Ford is truly #1 in my book.
Ford tells feds cash better used on buyers
Ford Canada has changed itself into a leaner and greener machine that won't need auto bailout money from the feds, Ford's president said. "Long before the current global economic crisis,

Ford recognized that its business model needed to be changed," David Mondragon, president and CEO of Ford Canada, told a House of Commons committee last night.

"During the past several years Ford has taken steps to put the company on a path to long-term viability." Mondragon said the government could boost auto sales in Canada by introducing a $3,500 "scrappage" credit or rebate for cars over 10 years old if owners buy a new car. He also said sales would improve if more credit was made available to buyers and dealers struggling to finance inventory.

The attitude is a stark contrast to the billions in government loans being sought by General Motors of Canada and Chrysler Canada.

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