Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Competition for Low-Wage Jobs


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Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Wow this certainly an eye opener, where the map of the USA shows which culture immigrates to which state.
The anti mexican voices are unbelievable from US Citizens, until you see the Mexican immigration flow throughout the states. Mexico is only illegal because they lost US property in the 18th century, like Texas and California.  Mexico like the US was populated by the Spanish who partitioned off US real estate centuries ago, along with Britian and France. Some stayed, some left, Mexico has been around for like 600 years and not part of the US for over a 150 years because of wars between US and Mexico.  All in all it is incredible statistics, yes you can see why Anti Mexican sentiment because of Mexican immigrants taking US citizens jobs or working for less than minimum wage, but on the other hand is it fair to chastise Mexicans for taking jobs during the good times when No US citizens wanted to do the work in the first place? Mexicans will take any job in order to provide for their families, we in North America used to have that work ethic, but lost it when unemployment and welfare became an alternative career choice for both Canada and the US citizens. Some may disagree with me, but aside from criminal activity some immigrants from Mexico put upon us, I would like to think most are just trying to make a buck, a buck we used to snub our nose at.

In a continuing series on immigration, Room for Debate this week moves on to the issue of how the economic crisis affects immigrants — both legal and illegal. An article that will appear over the weekend will explore this topic.

We’ve asked several experts how the recession might alter competition for lower-wage jobs between workers born in the United States, who previously shunned these jobs, and immigrants who have been willing to take them. If competition for these jobs increases, what does it mean for immigrants who don’t have a social safety net to rely on?

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