Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna to make a Love Duet

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
One wonders what song they will sing together, perhaps a remake of an oldie, here is my top ten:

1. Kung Fu Fighting! (Carl Douglas 1974)
2. Stand by your Man! (1960s Tammy Wynette)
3. Beat me, Shake me, anyway you want me! (1960s, The American Breed)
4. I'm a Loser (Beatles 1965)
5. Black and Blue (1980s Whitesnake)
6. What's love got to do with it (1980s Tina Turner)
7. Back of my Hand (Rolling Stones)
8. I shot my Baby ( 1970s Neil Young)
9.Only Women Bleed (1976 Alice Cooper)
10. The Bitch is Back (1974 Elton John )

Course, who knows, they may come up with their own song along the lines of Rhiannas Future Wake!

Chris Brown's Rihanna duet

Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly working on a new song together, which will be featured on Chris' upcoming album.

(BANG) -

Rihanna and Chris Brown are recording a duet.

The couple - who have reconciled after Chris allegedly assaulted Rihanna in his rented Lamborghini car last month - are said to be working on a song for Chris' new album, which is due out later this year.

A source said: "They've been working on it together."

The pair are believed to be recording with producer Polow Da Don - who wrote the Pussycat Dolls hit 'Buttons' - in a Santa Monica studio.

Neither Chris nor Rihanna's representatives have commented on the claims.

Last week, Chris was charged with two felonies - assault and making criminal threats - in relation to the alleged attack on Rihanna.

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