Saturday, March 14, 2009

Canadian Vet offers to Snip the Nuts off Easter Bunnies


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With Easter coming around the corner a British Columbian Vet has offered to chase down and "denut" the wild free roaming Little Bunnies, Hippity Hoppity around the University of Victoria.  The Vet hasn't offered an explanation of what he will do with a sack full of "Bunnie Nuts", but stranger things go in British Columbia Kitchens and Bedrooms which are best unanswered.

A series of quick snips could cut down on the University of Victoria's problem rabbit population, says a local veterinarian.

Nick Shaw, owner of Shaw Pet Hospitals, is offering free vasectomies to male bunnies hopping around campus.

Shaw, who has three clinics in Greater Victoria, said he would be willing to pick up most of the costs, provided he and his staff could hold fundraising events to help defray expenses.

"My staff had some wonderful ideas on how to promote it and we could sell buttons and ask for donations to support the program," said Shaw, who added the normal cost for a rabbit vasectomy would be about $100 for an individual and $60 each for a bunch of bunnies.

Shaw first approached the university about a year ago, at the suggestion of lab assistant Tamara Lovegrove, a UVic graduate who was willing to mobilize her student friends to round up the male rabbits.

But Shaw was told there would first have to be a bunny count. "Then they would just never commit to anything," he said.

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