Monday, March 02, 2009

Canadian shells didn't kill Afghan kids: Military

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

It's nice the truth finally comes out, but shows villagers reactions to rumour and innuendo being quite premature in collectively expressing their outrage and revenge on Canadian troops could have had dire consequences on our troops if allowed to go to fruition.

Mon, March 2, 2009
Canadian shells didn't kill Afghan kids: Military
By The Canadian Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Military investigators in Afghanistan have determined the deadly blast that killed three Afghan children was caused by old munitions, not explosives belonging to Canadians.

The results of the investigation were announced to Afghan media in Kandahar today — one week after the tragedy.

Kandahar governor Tooryalai Wesa and the new commander of Canadian troops, Brig.-Gen. Jon Vance, held a roundtable with local journalists and took questions about the incident.

They did not get into details of the investigation, nor offer any evidence to back up the statement.

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