Monday, March 02, 2009

Canadian Arab Federation calls our Government "Whores" !!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

 "Ouch"!!! That's gotta Hurt! You know they say "Sticks and Stones will break your Bones", but calling the Government "Whores", especially the same Government Ministry which previously gave you close to $500,000.00 every year in Canadian Taxpayers Multicultural and Diversity Funds, certainly shows someone ain't particularly Bright in the Haid! Over to you Skeeter! 

Course one would think a group like the Canadian Arab Federation, or the CAF who are always quick to use the Canadian Human Rights Commission as their Bestest Pal when they scream discrimination against anyone who looks sideways at them, whether imagined or not.

So in ending it certainly seems appropriate for our Canadian Conservative Government to take the CAF to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for calling them Whores! But the Canadian Government just lets the Whore Label slide off their backs, as they figure the best way for the CAF to learn is to cut off all Taxpayer Funding to their Organization, as the Government must feel the CAF at times are their worst enemy. 

Guess "Revenge is Best served Cold"  as the CAF employees will certainly be shocked to see them Lucrative Taxpayer Funded Paycheques they counted on, have now disappeared faster than a Hooker in mid Payday!

I do however Wholeheartedly Agree with the CAF that Freedon of Speech is Paramount, just as I Wholeheartedly agree that Government has a right to immediately Stop all Funding, when they feel an Organization does not appear to have Taxpayers best interests at Heart!

Say what you want - just don't expect taxpayers to pay
Saturday's Globe and Mail
February 28, 2009 at 12:00 AM EST

It's never smart to call a federal cabinet minister a "whore" - not when you depend on him for money. But Khaled Mouammar, president of the Canadian Arab Federation, is a fearless man. At a recent anti-Israel rally, he referred to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney as a "professional whore" for supporting Israel.

He called Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff professional whores, too. A couple of years ago, when five children from Montreal were killed in the Lebanon war, he said Mr. Harper was "complicit in their killing." At the Liberal convention at which Bob Rae ran for leader, he circulated a letter accusing Mr. Rae of being a racist Zionist, and pointing out that his wife is a Jew.

Last week, Mr. Kenney bit back. He asked his bureaucrats to yank the CAF's $447,000 grant. "They can say what they want within the parameters of our laws, but they shouldn't expect a priori funding." Now the CAF is accusing Mr. Kenney of trying to stifle its right to democratic speech. According to executive director Mohamed Boudjenane, the government's real motive for punishing the CAF is most likely political. "They maybe decided to go after the Zionist vote, like Reisman and Schwartz and Tannenbaum - people who used to be Liberal."

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