Monday, March 02, 2009

Canada's new haves and have-nots

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

And it begins, when the "Have Nots Rebel Violently against the Haves" regardless if the "Haves" worked hard for their Status in Life, they will all be painted with the same Lighted Torch, reminiscent of the Paris Citizens Rebellion of King Louis' time.  Let em eat Cake, Off with their Heads, seems to be the Catchword in this Global Economic Meltdown.

Envy flourishes in hard times, and there is already considerable evidence that a healthy crop of the green stuff is developing as world economies plumb ever-lower depths. U. S. Senator John Kerry this week vowed to introduce legislation to punish bankers who entertain clients in a manner he considers too lavish, even if the bank is healthy and profitable. Vandals in Germany have taken to torching luxury vehicles, just because they represent wealth.

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