Saturday, March 28, 2009

Call in the riot police, the bankers are coming


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Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Boy, I bet Lawyers and Used Car Salesman and Politicians are breathing a big sigh of relief the world over, now that Bankers are the New Black (plague) when it comes to reviling those who done us wrong! High Fives all around I am sure are happening at Law offices everywhere.

London is girding for the arrival this weekend of a pestillence so reviled authorities feel the need to take special precautions. The British capital survived Viking raids, the Black Plague and nighttime Nazi bombings, but this is different. These are bankers.

Thanks to the economic crisis, bankers are dirt. Bankers are despised. If a banker was rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital, we wouldn't give him our cab. If Stalin were alive his jails would be stuffed with them. Even Barack Obama, who is careful to be nice to everyone, says bad things about them.

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