Friday, March 27, 2009

Alta. Rancher Rounds up posse to catch thief: Country Justice

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Nothing like Country Justice to catch a thief the old fashioned way. Of course it conflicts with modern courts who arrested the leader of the posse for shooting the thief after his second attempt after being shot to steal a truck.
Ah, the good ole days, when Men were Men, with Hangin Judges, instead of Starbuck Slurpin Nancy Boy Judges who read GQ and get facials.  John Wayne would be proud of that Cowboy and his Posse.

EDMONTON — You don’t get much call for a posse these days. Not much use really.

But just outside the farming town of Bashaw, Alta., it seems the old ways are alive and well.

A farmer is facing charges after a thief was driven off the road, shot in the back and then tracked down with a posse.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Darrel Bruno said the farmer and his wife were sleeping Wednesday when they heard three men outside their home.

When the farmer dashed out to confront the men, two of them took off in a truck.

The third man spotted an all-terrain vehicle by the house, jumped on it and fled.

The farmer got into his own car and sped off after him. The farmer caught up to the ATV-thief about two kilometres down the road and allegedly bashed his car into the vehicle, sending both vehicles off into the ditch, Bruno said.

“As the male culprit fled on foot, the 38-year-old farmer jumped out of his car and fired two rounds from a shotgun toward the culprit and struck him,” Bruno said.

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