Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top jurists say 'war on terror' has seriously damaged human right

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
 Course this Group of Wonks are quite Mum on the Subject of Human Shields, Suicide Bombers killing innocents, beheading of non combatants, not to mention IEDs etc.

 The Rules of War applies to Armies, and as far as I am concerned when it comes to Terrorists, the Gloves are Off!

If these Twits were ever caught by a Terrorists, I am sure their valiant protests would be cut short at the end of a sword!


Top jurists say 'war on terror' has seriously damaged human rights

The United States and other countries that used torture in the so-called war on terror seriously damaged respect for basic human rights, an international panel of legal experts said Monday. The eight-member panel, led by former Irish president Mary Robinson, said the three-year investigation found that the damage to human rights law was more severe than they had expected.

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